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Music of Ecuador

The music of Ecuador is a diverse aspect of Ecuadorian culture. Ecuadorian music ranges from indigenous styles such as pasillo to Afro-Ecuadorian styles like bomba to modern indie rock. The pacific coast of Ecuador is known for the Amorfino, a popular type of song, as well as a variety of dance music. The Andes mountains house several indigenous styles of music, such as that of the Otavalo. Afro-Ecuadorian music is also a prominent part of the country's scene, with styles such as marimba and bomba stemming from the days of slavery. Pasillo, pasacalle, and yarabi are popular styles of folksong, with the former being similar to a flute and usually downtempo as it is descended from the waltz. Pasacalle is a form of dance music, while the sentimental yarabi is probably the most popular form in Ecuador. In recent years, cities such as Guayaquil and Quito have developed an indie rock scene that has allowed bands such as Da Pawn and La Máquina Camaleön to achieve international popularity. Mirella Cesa Julio Jaramillo Juan Fernando Velasco Delfin Quishpe Gabriela Villalba Daniela Guzmán Pamela Cortes Fausto Miño Gerardo Olga Gutiérrez Silvana Ibarra Olimpo Cárdenas Jinsop Danilo Parra Carlos Rubira Infante Christopher Vélez Paulina Aguirre Beatriz Parra Durango Guillermo Ayoví Erazo Daniel Betancourth María Elisa Camargo Jaime Enrique Aymara Sharon La Hechicera Carlota Jaramillo Michelle Medina Paola Farías Margarita Laso Héctor Jaramillo Johann Vera Tiko Tiko Gerardo Morán Fresia Saavedra