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Music of Moldova

Moldovan music is closely related to that of its neighbour and cultural kin, Romania. Moldovan folk is known for swift, complex rhythms, musical improvisation, syncopation and much melodic ornamentation. Pop, hip hop, rock and other modern genres have their own fans in Moldova as well. Modern pop stars include O-Zone, a Romanian and Moldovan band whose "Dragostea din tei" was a major 2004 European hit, guitarist and songwriter Vladimir Pogrebniuc, Natalia Barbu, who is well known in Germany, Romania and Ukraine, and Nelly Ciobanu. The band Flacai became well known in the 1970s across Moldova, turning their hometown of Cahul into an important center of music. Dan Bălan Nelly Ciobanu Natalia Barbu Arsenium Radu Sîrbu Aliona Moon Pasha Parfeny Olia Tira Pavel Stratan Cleopatra Stratan Ionel Istrati Geta Burlacu Katalina Rusu Anna Odobescu Cristina Scarlat Nicoleta Dara Maria Bieșu Lidia Isac Ion Suruceanu Natalia Gordienco Anatol Dumitraș Sofia Rotaru Ana Barbu Vitalie Dani Mark Stam Nina Crulicovschi Vika Jigulina