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Music of Mongolia

Music is an integral part of Mongolian culture. Among the unique contributions of Mongolia to the world's musical culture are the long songs, overtone singing and morin khuur, the horse-headed fiddle. The music of Mongolia is also rich with varieties related to the various ethnic groups of the country: Oirats, Hotogoid, Tuvans, Darhad, Buryats, Tsaatan, Dariganga, Uzemchins, Barga, Kazakhs and Khalha. Besides the traditional music, Western classical music and ballet flourished during the MPR. Among the most popular forms of modern music in Mongolia are Western pop and rock genres and the mass songs, which are written by modern authors in a form of folk songs. Sambuugiin Serchmaa Sarantuya Namjilyn Norovbanzad Nominjin Ganbaatar Khongorzul Amarkhuu Borkhuu Jamyangiin Urantögs Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig Enkhbatyn Amartüvshin Wuyuntana Oyunaa Uudam