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Music of Morocco

Moroccan music is characterized by its great diversity from one region to another, as well as according to different social groups. It is influenced by different musical styles including Amazigh, Andalusi, Arab, Mediterranean, Saharan, West African, and others. Musical styles vary by geography. Andalusi music and malhun are associated with urban centers in the north, chaabi and aita are associated with the Atlantic coastal plains, reggada is associated with the Rif, gnawa with Essaouira and Marrakesh, ahidus with the Middle Atlas, ahwash with the Sous region, and guedra in the Sahara. Particularly since the 20th century, musicians have been synthesizing Moroccan musical traditions with influences from around the world, such as blues, rock, metal, reggae, rap, etc. Each genre and musical style is made up of regional subgroups, and is further divided between 'modern' and 'traditional' music. Saad Lamjarred Samira Said Douzi Oum Nabyla Maan Asma Lamnawar Najat Aatabou Laila Ghofran Hatim Ammor Laarbi Batma Jannat Oussama Belhcen Ahmed Soultan Saida Fikri Zohra Al Fassiya Sofia Essaïdi Amina Alaoui Cheba Maria French Montana Hassan Hakmoun Elam Jay Dounia Batma Jamila Sofia El Marikh Rajae El Mouhandiz Malika Zarra Hindi Zahra Mr Sufian AnoGhan Cherifa Kersit Soukaina Boukries Ammouri Mbarek Ahmed Chawki Faouzia Khaled Aymane Serhani Aziza Jalal Mohamed Rouicha Mimoun El Oujdi Abdessadak Chkara Amine Rajaa Belmir Abd El Fattah Grini Hamid Bouchnak Karima Gouit Bachir Abdou Houcine Slaoui Haja El Hamdaouia Salma Rachid Zina Daoudia Shatha Hassoun