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Music of North Korea

The music of North Korea includes a wide array of folk, pop, light instrumental, political, and classical performers. Beyond patriotic and political music, popular groups like Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble and Moranbong Band perform songs about everyday life in the DPRK and modern light pop reinterpretations of classic Korean folk music. Music education is widely taught in schools, with President Kim Il-Sung first implementing a program of study of musical instruments in 1949 at an orphanage in Mangyongdae. Musical diplomacy also continues to be relevant to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, with musical and cultural delegations completing concerts in China and France in recent years, and musicians from Western countries and South Korea collaborating on projects in the DPRK. Kim Yong-jae Kim Chong-nyeo Mun Kyong-jin Ri Kyong-suk Ri Ok-hwa Ri Pun-hui Hyon Song-wol Ra Yu-Mi Central Military Band of the Korean People's Army Isang Yun Orchestra Mansudae Art Troupe Moranbong Band Chongbong Band Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble State Symphony Orchestra of the Democratic People's Unhasu Orchestra Wangjaesan Light Music Band Samjiyon Band