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Music of Saudi Arabia

The music of Saudi Arabia includes both Western and traditional music. The most distinguished musician in recent Saudi history is Tariq Abdulhakeem, who composed hundreds of famous Saudi songs for himself as well as for other singers. Saraj Omar has become a very prominent composer after composing the music for the Saudi national anthem. In 1999, the 1st Arab Pioneers Festival, which was held in Cairo under the patronage of the Arab League, honored four of the lead composers in Saudi Arabia: Tariq Abdulhakeem, Ghazi Ali, Mohamed Abdu, Saudi Arabia's first pop star, and the late Talal Maddah, known as the "Sound of the Earth", who died in August 2000 while singing in the summer festival on the stage of Al-Muftaha Theatre in the southern region of Saudi Arabia. Of the same generation are the 'ud virtuoso Abadi al Johar, Rabeh Saqer and Abdul-Majeed Abdullah. Mohammed Abdu Rashed Al-Majed Majid al-Muhandis Talal Maddah Waed Abdul Majeed Abdullah Rabeh Sager Etab Qusai Abass Ibrahim Abu Bakr Salem Khalid Abdulrahman Aseel Omran Ibrahim El Hakami Ibtisam Lutfi Majid Al-Majid Shams Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Ayed Alaa Wardi Loulwa Al Sharif