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Music of Zambia

The music of Zambia has a rich heritage which falls roughly into categories: traditional, popular and Christian music. Traditional Zambian music is rooted in the beliefs and practices of Zambia's various ethnic groups and has suffered some decline in the last three decades. Traditional Zambian music once had clear ritual purposes or was an expression of the social fabric of the culture. Mampi Macky 2 Yvonne Mwale Rozalla Jordan Katembula B'Flow Paul Ngozi Lily Tembo PilAto Kantu Ruff Kid Tasila Mwale Portia Clark OC Osilliation Petersen Zagaze Leo Moyo Ballad Zulu Maiko Zulu Just Slim Alick Nkhata Nashil Pichen Victor Kachaka Lazarus Tembo Shom-C Moonga K. KB Killa Beats Daddy Zemus B'Flow Chef 187 P. K. Chishala Paul Da Prince Smokey Haangala Peter Tsotsi Juma Macky 2 Mike Nyoni OC Osilliation Cleo Ice Queen Akwila Simpasa Slapdee