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List of American Grunge Bands

7 Year Bitch Alice in Chains Babes in Toyland Blind Melon Blood Circus Bundle of Hiss Cat Butt Dandelion Dickless Failure Fecal Matter Fireclown Flowerhead The Fluid Green River Gruntruck Gumball Hammerbox Hater Hazel Hog Molly Hole Jerry Cantrell L7 Love Battery Mad Season Malfunkshun Mark Arm Melvins Mother Love Bone Mudhoney My Sister's Machine Napalm Beach Nirvana The Nymphs Paw Pearl Jam Pond The Presidents of the United States of America Screaming Trees Seaweed Skin Yard The Smashing Pumpkins Solomon Grundy Soundgarden Splendora Stone Temple Pilots Sweet Water Tad Temple of the Dog Treepeople Truly Willard Wool