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List of Crossover Thrash Bands

Acid Reign The Accused Agnostic Front Attitude Adjustment Beowulf Biohazard Blunt Force Trauma Body Count Broken Teeth The Brood Carnivore Cerebral Fix Clown Alley Concrete Sox Corrosion of Conformity Cro-Mags The Crucified Crumbsuckers Cryptic Slaughter Dayglo Abortions Dead Horse Death Ray Vision Discharge Dr. Know D.R.I. Dresden 45 English Dogs Excel The Exploited Eyesburn Fearless Iranians from Hell Final Conflict Gang Green Gwar Higher Power Hogan's Heroes The Icemen Iron Reagan kraptor Leeway Lobotomia Ludichrist M.O.D. Mucky Pup Municipal Waste NadimaC Nuclear Assault Power Trip Prong Ratos de Porão Ringworm Send More Paramedics Short Sharp Shock Sick Mother Fakers Soziedad Alkoholika SSD Stormtroopers of Death Suicidal Tendencies Sworn Enemy This is Hell Toxic Holocaust Uncle Slam Vegan Reich Verbal Abuse Void What Happens Next? Yellow Machinegun