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List of Grindcore Bands

Aborted ACxDC Agathocles Agoraphobic Nosebleed Anal Cunt Antigama Asesino Assück Autopsy The Berzerker Blood Duster Bolt Thrower Brain Drill Brodequin Brujeria Brutal Truth Caninus Carcass Cattle Decapitation Cephalic Carnage Circle of Dead Children Cock and Ball Torture Condemned The County Medical Examiners Dahmer Damaged Dance Club Massacre Daughters Dead Infection Defecation Devourment The Dillinger Escape Plan Discordance Axis Dying Fetus Ed Gein Electro Hippies Exhumed Extreme Noise Terror Extreme Smoke Fantômas Fuck the Facts General Surgery Genghis Tron Godflesh Gore Beyond Necropsy Gridlink Gut Haemorrhage Hatebeak Head of David Head Wound City Hellnation Holocausto Canibal Human Remains Impaled Impetigo In Strict Confidence Last Days of Humanity Liberteer Lock Up The Locust Macabre Meathook Seed Misery Index Mortician Mortification Nails Naked City Napalm Death Nasum The Number Twelve Looks Like You Old Lady Drivers Painkiller Phantomsmasher Phobia Pig Destroyer The Red Chord Regurgitate Repulsion Rotten Sound See You Next Tuesday Sore Throat Terrorizer The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza Totem Skin Trap Them Unholy Grave War from a Harlots Mouth Wormrot Xys