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List of Hardcore Punk Bands

10 Minute Warning 100 Demons 25 ta Life 50 Lions 7 Seconds AC4 The Accused Adolescents Against Agent Orange Agnostic Front American Nightmare American Standards Angry Samoans Angst Anti-Cimex Anti-Feminism Anti-Flag Anti-Nowhere League Antidote Antisect Armia Arms Race Arson Anthem Articles of Faith Assjack Attitude Adjustment Awkward Thought Backstabbers Incorporated Bad Brains Bad Religion Bags Bane Battalion of Saints Battery Bayonet Beartooth Big Boys Big Cheese Black Flag Black Market Baby Blast Break Even The Blood Blood for Blood Born Against Born from Pain Botch Broken Bones The Brat Broken Teeth The Bronx Brutal Knights Bullet Treatment Bunchofuckingoofs Burn Burning Sensations Cancer Bats Career Suicide Carpathian Casey Jones The Casualties Cerebral Ballzy Chain of Strength Champion Chaos UK Channel 3 Charged GBH Chokehold Christ on Parade Circle Jerks CIV Clit 45 Close Your Eyes COC Code Orange Cold As Life Colera Comeback Kid Consumed Converge Count Me Out Cripple Bastards Cro-Mags Crumbsuckers Crucifix Los Crudos Cruel Hand D.I. D.O.A. D.R.I. Dag Nasty Damage Dayglo Abortions Dead Kennedys Dead Milkmen Dead Swans Death Before Dishonor Death Piggy Deep Wound Defeater Dehumanizers Descendents Die Kreuzen Discharge Disembodied Down To Nothing Dr. Know Dropdead DYS E.Town Concrete Earth Crisis Econochrist Endpoint Endwell Energy English Dogs Evergreen Terrace Excel The Exploited Expire Extortion F-Minus The F.U.'s Faith Fang Farewell to Freeway The Fartz Fear The Feederz Fight Final Conflict Flipper FOD The Flex For Against The Freeze Fucked Up Fugazi Full of Hell Gang Green The Geeks Germs Get Scared GISM Give Up the Ghost A Global Threat G.L.O.S.S. Gorilla Biscuits Government Issue Green Arrows Good Clean Fun H2O Hatebreed Have Heart Heart In Hand Heresy Higher Power Hogan's Heroes Hoods Hundredth Husker Du I.R.A. The Icemen Icepick The Idoru Ignite Ill Repute Incendiary Infest In My Eyes Inside Out Integrity Iron Cross Iron Mind Jawbreaker Jerry's Kids JFA John Coffey Judge Kid Dynamite Kill Your Idols Killing Joke Killing The Dream Killing Time The Killing Tree King Parrot Knuckledust Knocked Loose Lard Lay It on the Line Leathermouth Leftover Crack Life's Blood Limp Wrist Litmus Green The Locust L7 M.O.D. Madball MDC The Meatmen Meat Puppets Melvins Middle Class Miles Away Mindsnare Minor Threat Minutemen Misfits The Mob Mob 47 Modern Life Is War Moshiach Oi! Mouthpiece Murphy's Law Nails Napalm Death Necros Negative Approach Negative FX Negazione The Nerve Agents Newborn New Regime The Nip Drivers No Bragging Rights No Mercy No Innocent Victim No Redeeming Social Value No Trigger NOFX Off! One King Down One Life Crew Operation Ivy Outbreak Painstream Paint It Black Parasites Pennywise Phinius Gage The Plugz Point of No Return Poison Idea Project X The Proletariat Propagandhi Punch R.A.M.B.O. Raised Fist Ramones Ratos de Porão Rattus Raw Power Reagan Youth Really Red Redd Kross Refused Rotting Out The Replacements Repulsion Revenge of the Psychotronic Man Rich Kids on LSD Rise Against Rites of Spring Rorschach Rudimentary Peni Ruiner Rupture The Ruts S.O.A. S.O.D. Samhain Scream Septic Death Septic Tank Shai Hulud Sharptooth Sheer Terror Shelter Sick of It All Side By Side Siege Silverstein Skarhead Slapshot Snapcase Social Distortion SNFU SSD The Stalin Stick to Your Guns Straight Faced Stray from the Path Stretch Arm Strong Strike Anywhere The Stupids Subzero Suicidal Tendencies The Suicide File Sworn Enemy T.S.O.L. Tales of Terror Ten Yard Fight Terror Terveet Kadet The Teen Idles This Is Hell Thrice Throwdown To The Wind Toe To Toe Toxic Reasons Tragedy Trapped Under Ice Trash Talk Trial Ulrikes Dream Ultimatum Undertow The Undead Uniform Choice The Unseen Unseen Terror Up Front Urban Waste Vatican Commandos Vegan Reich Vein Venomous Concept Verbal Abuse Verse Violent Reaction Vision of Disorder Vitamin X Void The Warriors Warzone Western Addiction Where's the Pope? White Flag A Wilhelm Scream Wormrot Wrangler Brutes The White Noise X-Cops XTRMST Youth Brigade Youth Defense League Youth of Today Yellowcard Zeke Zero Boys