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List of Industrial Music Bands

16 Volt A Split Second Acumen Nation Android Lust Angelspit Apoptygma Berzerk Assemblage 23 Attrition Aural Vampire Autopsia The Axis of Perdition Babyland Beborn Beton Benea Reach Bigod 20 Bile Birmingham 6 Borghesia Brighter Death Now C-Tec Cabaret Voltaire Cat Rapes Dog CCC CNC NCN Celldweller Chemlab Chris & Cosey Chrome The Clay People Clock DVA Coil Collide Combichrist Controlled Bleeding Crash Worship Crocodile Shop Crossbreed Cubanate Current 93 Das Ich Dawn of Ashes Delerium Death in June Depeche Mode D'espairsRay Die Form Die Krupps Die Warzau Dive Deitiphobia Doubting Thomas Download dreDDup Einstürzende Neubauten Emigrate Eve of Destiny Excessive Force Fad Gadget Feindflug Filter Flesh Field Foetus Front 242 Front Line Assembly Funker Vogt Genitorturers Godhead Godflesh God Lives Underwater Gravity Kills Greater Than One Hanzel und Gretyl Haujobb Head of David de:Heldmaschine Helena Hauff Hocico Icon of Coil In Strict Confidence In the Nursery Informatik Insurge Intermix Jerk Kevorkian Death Cycle Kidneythieves Kill the Thrill Kill Switch Klick Killing Joke Klank Klutæ KMFDM Laibach Leæther Strip Lead Into Gold The Legendary Pink Dots Lights of Euphoria Lords of Acid Machines of Loving Grace The Mad Capsule Markets Marilyn Manson MC 900 Foot Jesus MDFMK Meat Beat Manifesto Metallicity Mindless Self Indulgence Ministry Missing Foundation Mortal Mortiis My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult The Neon Judgement N17 Nine Inch Nails Nitzer Ebb The Newlydeads Nocturnal Emissions NON Gary Numan Numb Nurse With Wound Ohgr Oomph! Pailhead Pain Parzival Peace, Love and Pitbulls Pig Pigface Pitchshifter Pop Will Eat Itself Project Pitchfork Prong Psychopomps Psyclon Nine PTP aka Programming the Psychodrill Rammstein Razed in Black The Retrosic Revolting Cocks Boyd Rice Rorschach Test Rotersand Rx Schwein Sheep on Drugs Sister Machine Gun Skinny Puppy Skrew Skold Sleep Chamber Slick Idiot Snake River Conspiracy Snog Spahn Ranch SPK A Split-Second Stabbing Westward Stahlmann Street Sects Suicide Suicide Commando Swamp Terrorists Swans Test Dept Throbbing Gristle Tweaker Undercover Slut Vampire Rodents Velvet Acid Christ Videodrone VNV Nation Vomito Negro Whitehouse White Zombie Wolfsheim Wumpscut X Marks the Pedwalk Yelworc The Young Gods Z'ev Zilch Zoviet France