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List of Post Rock Bands

12Twelve 65daysofstatic Aerial M Papa M The Album Leaf Aloha The American Analog Set The American Dollar Amiina Amp And So I Watch You from Afar Appliance Apse The Appleseed Cast Arc in Round Ativin Balmorhea Bardo Pond Bark Psychosis Battles Beaten by Them Because of Ghosts Bell Orchestre Beware of Safety The Big Sleep Billy Mahonie The Black Heart Rebellion Bowery Electric Brise-Glace Broadcast Broken Social Scene Butterfly Child Butterfly Explosion Califone Caspian Cinc City of the Sun Clogs Codes in the Clouds Collapse Under the Empire Collections of Colonies of Bees Couch Crescent Crippled Black Phoenix Crows in the Rain Cul de Sac The Dead C The Declining Winter Decoder Ring Destroyalldreamers Duster Dianogah Dirty Three Disco Inferno Do Make Say Think Don Caballero Dreamend Drums & Tuba The Edmund Fitzgerald Ef Efterklang Einar Stray Orchestra El Ten Eleven Electrelane Emeralds Envy Epic45 Errors Esben and the Witch Esmerine The Evpatoria Report Explosions in the Sky Faunts Fifths of Seven Fly Pan Am Flying Saucer Attack The For Carnation For a Minor Reflection Foxhole Fridge Friends of Dean Martinez From Monument to Masses Fuck Buttons Füxa Ganger Gastr del Sol Giardini di Mirò Gifts from Enola God God Is an Astronaut Godspeed You! Black Emperor Goonies Never Say Die Grails Gregor Samsa The Hair and Skin Trading Company Hammock Hangedup Her Name Is Calla High Dependency Unit HiM Hood Hrsta I Like Trains Ice If These Trees Could Talk Insides Isis Isotope 217 Jakob Jambinai Jeniferever Jessamine Jesu Jónsi Joy Wants Eternity June of 44 Junius Karate Kreidler Labradford Laika Landing Lanterna Lateduster Laura Lazlo Hollyfeld The Life and Times Lights & Motion Lights Out Asia Logh Long Fin Killie Lymbyc Systym M83 Macha Magnog Magyar Posse Main Make Believe Maserati Maybeshewill Menomena The Mercury Program A Minor Forest Mogwai Mono Roy Montgomery Moonshake Mouse on the Keys Movietone Moving Mountains Múm Mutemath My Education Nedry Nordic Giants A Northern Chorus .O.rang O'Brother Jim O'Rourke Oceansize On! Air! Library! Paul Newman Pele Pelican Pell Mell Piano Magic Picastro Pit er Pat Pivot port-royal Pram Precious Fathers Sam Prekop Pullman PVT Rachel's Radian Red Sparowes Redjetson The Redneck Manifesto Rex Riverbeds Rodan Rosetta Rothko Russian Circles Salvatore San Agustin Saxon Shore Scorn The Sea and Cake Seam Seefeel Sennen Set Fire to Flames The Seven Mile Journey The Shadow Project Shalabi Effect Shipping News Shy, Low Signal Hill Sigur Rós The Six Parts Seven Skullflower Sleep Party People Sleeping People sleepmakeswaves Slint Son Lux Sonna The Sonora Pine Southpacific Space Needle Special Others Sputniks Down Stafrænn Hákon Stars Like Fleas Stars of the Lid Stereolab Storm & Stress Swan Lake Swans Sweep the Leg Johnny Talk Talk Talons Tarentel Tarwater Techno Animal Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra These New Puritans The Third Eye Foundation This Is a Process of a Still Life This Is Your Captain Speaking This Patch of Sky This Will Destroy You Three Trapped Tigers The Timeout Drawer To Rococo Rot Torngat Tortoise Tracer AMC Trans Am Tricot Tristeza Turing Machine Ulan Bator Under Byen Unwed Sailor U.S. Maple Valley of the Giants Vessels Way Station We Lost the Sea Windsor Airlift Windsor for the Derby Wires Under TensionAfraid to Die Worriedaboutsatan Yndi Halda Youthmovies Yume Bitsu